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Frequently Asked Questions

Bike share is an innovative mode of transportation that allows users to make trips using publicly available bikes. It consists of a fleet of specially designed, sturdy and durable bikes that are locked into a network of docking stations throughout the service area. The bikes can be unlocked from one station and returned to any other station in the system, making bike share ideal for short, one-way trips.

You can ride a YoGo Bikeshare bike outside of the service area, but it’s a good idea not to go too far since you will have to return to the service area to lock your bike. If you keep a bike out for longer than the length of time included in your pass or membership, you will incur additional usage fees. For more info, see the Pricing page.

Bikes cannot be taken on a bus. Please dock your bike before you get on, and you can pick up another bike when you get off if you’re still in the service area.

A station is the row of bikes that can be found throughout the downtown Youngstown area. There are 3 stations within the service area.

A dock is what holds each individual bicycle. The bicycles are locked into the docks and must be unlocked using the app or ride code.

A kiosk is the structure that can be found at one end of each station. The kiosk contains information about how YoGo Bikeshare bike works, as well as a touchscreen that can be used to purchase passes and get ride codes.

When you properly dock a bike, you’ll see a green light on the dock. If you did not see a green light, then that means your trip may still be open, and we will continue to charge you for your journey.

If you’re having trouble docking a bike, first try a different dock. If you’re still not able to dock your bike, please contact YoGo Bikeshare customer service via email. It’s a good idea to enable push notifications on the YoGo Bikeshare mobile app, so you’ll get a confirmation every time you’ve successfully docked your bike.

To report a potentially stolen YoGo Bikeshare bike, contact support.

If your bike gets lost, goes missing, or gets stolen, please contact YoGo Bikeshare customer service via email. We encourage you to file a police report in the event that a bike has been forcibly taken or stolen. Please know that bikes that are missing for longer than 24 hours can result in a $2050 fee (plus tax) charged to the account holder that took out the bike.

If you find an abandoned bike, please return the bike to the nearest station. If this is not possible, Please contact Yogo Bikeshare support via email as soon as possible with as much detail as possible about the bike and its location.

Let The App Be Your Guide!

Download the YoGo Biekshare app to access your account, track available bikes, and reserve rentals all from your phone. The perfect navigator for your little adventure!