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Our Pricing

Choose your plan, and start your ride. It’s really that simple! Each option begins with a complimentary 15 minute trial period (20 minutes for annual subscribers). Download the YoGo Bikeshare app to reserve your bike and get moving faster than a pizza from the Avalon! So what are you waiting for? Grab a bike and go!

Choose Your Plan

Annual Subscription

$90 / Ann

First time riders first 20 min free, after trial ends rides will be 30 min and 10 cents every min after. Rider will be permitted to take as many rides throughout the season.
Daily Rate

$7.50 / 20 Min

First time riders first 15 min will be free After trail ends 7.50 for first 20 min, and 15 cents every min after Based on 8 hour day, as many rides permitted throughout 8 hour day
Casual Rider

$4.00 / 20 Min

First time casual riders first 15 min will be free. After trial ends $4.00 first 20 min, and 15 cents every minute after.

Plan Details

*For casual and daily rentals bikes must be docked every 20 minutes to avoid overage fees.
  1. For first time riders bikes must be docked at end of 15 minute trail period to avoid rental charges.
  2. After docking, bikes are permitted to be immediately re-rented / checked out for continued use. No limit to the number of rentals permitted per day.
  3. For annual riders must dock bikes every 30 minutes to avoid overage fees.

Let The App Be Your Guide!

Download the YoGo Biekshare app to access your account, track available bikes, and reserve rentals all from your phone. The perfect navigator for your little adventure!